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Flexibility & Integration

Control4 offers options to fi t every kind of home, new or old, large or small. Plus Control4 offers a customized, scalable platform. You can start with just the features you want right now and add more later. The flexibility Control4 offers surpasses virtually any other solution. Plus it only takes hours or days to install, so you’ll start enjoying the benefits of Control4 right away. Don’t you wish everything in life was this easy to control?

If you were imagining weeks of construction, running new wires, and knocking down walls, think again. Control4 is extremely flexible. It weaves gracefully into your current systems and makes them all operate more smoothly. Plus, Control4 works closely with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure that Control4 is always on the leading edge of product development, and continually looking for ways to make everything work better by working together.

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