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Remote Access

One of the greatest things about Control4 is that you can keep an eye on your house while you’re away from home–all you need is access to the internet. From a secure connection you can turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, and shut the garage no matter where you are. If your kids are home from school and you’re still at work, you can use IP cameras to check in on them and their friends. Control4’s security features let you restrict access to the computer, television, PS3, movies, and other entertainment while you’re away, so you can make sure you approve of what your kids are watching.

Control4 can integrate seamlessly with the security systems and cameras you already have set up, so everything that keeps your home and family safe can be controlled from one simple interface. You can even get email alerts–like when the garage door opens, or front door opens, or a water sensor is triggered–so you’re always in touch with what’s going on at home. Just sit back and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

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